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Can Something Be Bad and Good at the Same Time?

This question, “Can something can be both bad and good?” was running through my head last month when temple president Mike Iseri gave Rev. Jerry Hirano, Rev. Carmela, Rev. Kathy, Sandy (our temple treasurer),   and me a tour of the progress of the restoration of the temple building.                Photo:  Temple Basement without Stage and showing new ductwork Photo: Rev. Jerry Hirano and Mike Iseri in front of  pass-through to the kitchen in basement I clearly remember how my heart sank the day in July when I learned that there had been a major fire in our temple.    I thought of all the happy memories I have of the temple and the fun times I had in the basement with the Sangha and larger community.    I thought of all the supplies, equipment (including the taiko drums) and historic documents and materials that were lost to fire, smoke, or water damage. I wondered what the future would hold for the temple. I felt relief and gratitude when I learned that the  Onaijin  (altar) was safe,