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Practical Lessons from Jodo Shinshu Buddhism: Guest Blog from an IOBT Member

Editor's Note:   In this guest blog Melody Smit, a long-time resident of Idaho and member of IOBT, shares her thoughts on Buddhism and her recent move to South Carolina I am so pleased to be writing to you but I do not come to you as a minister's assistant or a scholar of Shin Buddhist teachings, but as a fellow member of Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple (IOBT) who would like to share with you some of my thoughts and experiences.  Some of you may know that I recently moved from Southwestern Idaho--where I enjoyed membership at IOBT--to South Carolina.   I know what you must be thinking, “why?”.  Well it has to do with long term retirement plans that would not work out in the cold winters of SW Idaho, and as beautiful as the Treasure Valley is, the Midlands of South Carolina are just at beautiful, albeit very different.  I can ride my horses all year long in relative comfort, that is a big plus, I don’t have to deal with dust and mud, and I still can’t get used to the idea that I do

Schedule: Northwest District Buddhist Convention Sept 16-18, 2022

Registration Q&A 1) How do I register for the Convention Email   or  with name.  Payment can be made at  with the donate button on the right, noting that it's for convention.  2) What do remote registrants need to provide us in order to receive the link to the convention website?   Is there a deadline for online participants?  Best to  register at least 2-3 days prior.  Last minute may work  but I don't want to depend on it. 3) Is there a deadline for meal orders?   7 days ahead is best.  Any less and there may be problems ordering more of some ingredients.  If you prefer vegetarian, please note that when you email Mike 4) Do I need to register for Rev. Jerry Hirano's Intro to Buddhism talk and the Sunday closing service?  The plan will be to have these available from a link on our website--no need to register 5) Anything else? Not really.    ALL registrants will get an email (if they have email) with virtual instructions.  6)