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Life in North Idaho: Guest Blog from Linda Tanaka

  NOTE:   In this is a special guest article by temple member and friend, Linda Tanaka who lives  in North Idaho, reflects on interconnection and all the relationships, causes, and conditions that make life in the country possible. Greetings from North Idaho or as my brother, David, calls it ‘the wilderness’.   Our fall season was short lived.   Snow arrived before Thanksgiving and didn’t let up until Christmas.   We were doing snow management for days in a row.   Toss in having to buy a new snow blower before Christmas and a low of -24 degrees [that’s “minus”] with frozen pipes, Winter 2022 will be one to be remembered. Are you wondering how a person born and raised in the Eastern Oregon desert then 30+ years in Northern California could end up about 6 miles from the Canadian border?   That’s a long story but I will give you the condensed version.   My husband, Vic Cherven, is a geologist with extensive knowledge of California geology from his jobs during his career.   We had mo