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Buddhism for All Ages

Sometimes people ask Rev. Kathy and me how to share the Buddhist teachings with families and children.  The truth is that all people, no matter our age, ability, or status, face problems that the Buddhist teachings can help us with.   Photo: Children have always been a part of the Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple community .  People of all ages share the same kinds of feelings--we all have hopes and fears and we all experience a wide range of emotions.   We all get frustrated, feel lonely or hurt, and get angry and upset.   We all suffer in similar ways no matter how old or young we are.    And we all feel   better knowing that we are accepted by our family/community...that we belong. These simple observations are actually the Four Noble Truths taught by Shakyamuni Buddha:  Life is difficult and sometimes painful (suffering).    Suffering usually occurs because we want things to be different than they are.    We actually don’t have to suffer nearly as much as we usually do.    There a