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Convention Update from Mike Iseri (Aug 6, 2022)

               Thanks for your consideration in attending the 75th Northwest Buddhist Convention September 16-18,  whether you are in person or virtual. This hybrid event brings the ability to attend not only in person, but  virtually, with the ability for two way communication when appropriate and ability to move from one session  to another at will. We'll be at Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, Oregon. We are pleased to have Bishop Marvin Harada as our keynote speaker. And, Stuart Hirai, native of IOBT  and expert on 442nd/100th will be on hand for one of the sessions. The covid protocols we plan to be following encourage wearing a mask indoors except while actively eating  or drinking. For those who choose not to mask, social distancing will be required. We want to give our guests every opportunity to come, and to cancel if the need arises. Convention  registration will be refundable if cancelled by September 15. Hotel refunds will depend on the policy of  the hotel you ch

Temple Fire and Gaman ( 我 慢)

  “The first time I ever heard that word [Gaman] was when I was standing in line, waiting to use the latrine. As a child, this was sheer torture. But my mother looked down at me and said, ‘George, gaman.’ She wanted me to endure, with fortitude and dignity, the injustice of having to wait in the cold even to go to the bathroom. Throughout our time in the camp, the spirit of gaman is what buoyed us, even in the darkest of hours. By holding our heads up high, and carrying on, they could not take from our basic humanity.” --George Takei (History Channel Interview, Feb. 10, 2017) As I reflect on the July 8 th fire in our temple basement, the Japanese word “ gaman ”, referred to by George Takei in the opening quote, comes to my mind.  Photo:  Three refrigerators in the IOBT temple basement after the July 8th fire.  The fire was started by a bad electrical outlet in this area.  This word  “ gaman ”  means to patiently persevere in tough times. When the Japanese and Japanese-Americans were